Troll Fiestas

That's the festive part of the event, each evening we will have video-jockey sessions, online-onsite jamming sessions and music performances. Such beamed sessions are better at night, and can last depending who involves in it.

Time schedule
from 24th to 28th : Daily fiesta starting at 21h until 00h
(no fiesta last day, as it's day of departure)

Who works on it ?
  • ~Meskalito : master of ceremony ... oh mesk we will miss you!!!
  • ~acracia : video-jockey and streaming
  • ~r1 : video-jockey and sounds
  • ~vale? : video-making
  • ~djamel? : sound performances
  • ~di3 : music performances
  • ~tom : graphic support
  • ~lfagundes : congas

We need at least one audio system (amplificator + speakers and a small mixer table)