Media Center

This place will gather some powerful computers for processing, encoding, and preparing media for broadcasting or storage. This space will be open and with enough computers we also can recruit some volunteers that want to practice, and learn by using. A set of tools will be available as well as dedicated distributions for testing specific environments. Then someone that wants to setup a community radio or TV should get some hints on how to do it with only Free Software.

Time schedule
Morning activity will be hindered by the yesterday fiestas, and the media center should be officially open from 13h to 19h. Morning will be used if needed to maintain systems and perform some operation eating processor time without human assistance.

Who works on it ?
  • ~iokese : streaming and network
  • ~gaba : streaming and network
  • ~r1 : network and music tools setup, pure-data hacking
  • ~vale? : video-making, encoding
  • ~acracia : video editing, pure-data
  • ~tom : graphic and multimedia design
  • ~mose : graphic and media design
  • ~dankajh : custom coding
  • ~djamel? : sound systems and multimedia design
  • ~qopi? : media gathering


Let's split that workshop in different streams. Those streams are focused activity of the troll tribe in interaction with local people. We'll probably also have occasion to play with various international people from WSF.

  • DISTRO : demo of the distros specific with music and video tools (there is one for doing cartoons as well, never tried, any of you know it ?)
    the prupose of this stream is to produce a white paper with an inventory and evaluation results of different distros

  • AUDIO : audio edition station with jack, pure data, ardour, hydrogen, zynaddsubfx, seq24, rezound, etc.
    that stream will give the pretext to produce audio content and music, that we'll be able to use for (live) broadcasting. And... what about jam sessions over the Internet with netpd ? :)

  • VIDEO : video edition station with cinelerra, kino, gephex and blender
    here we'll take video content from captured images on site, we need to have some DV camcorder (or whatever it is called in english)

  • IMAGE : photo and image edition and creation with gimp, graphic design with inkscape, VJ with delvj
    that stream maybe will split in 2, if the VJ activity takes some importance (and I feel it can) and if we get one, 2 or 7 beamers.

  • SHARE : ways of spreading : broadcasting live on internet, interoperability, open standards, mastering, peer to peer networking
    ok, you produced, what now ? let's launch it !