Be The Media

With simple and Free only software we'll demonstrate the ability of every computer user to be a media producer. For that we'll setup a multimedia center for processing and creating media content, and we'll use other workshops and general events in WSF to have pretext to tell stories. Then we'll capitalize multimedia content on each workshop for enhancing the material produced (wiki pages, white papers, how-to, ...).

This area will be the most animated because media will be beamed constantly and it will be where the real fiesta is. Participation of anyone will be welcome, and an open contribution system will enable collecting different media sources from local shooters.

A constant streaming will make the production instantly visible online and we'll try to seek contributions, involving voting systems and collaborative production.

The media is not mainstreamed. It has to spread, and take source in the real life of people. So, the people need to be the media rather than just consuming it.


  • at least one computer per distro demoed
  • one multimedia computer with if possible a beamer for having maximum impact with a permanent display of the screen activity. That station could also be used as VJ station and then beamer is not anymore optional ;)
  • we need extra computers if we want to make people participate. The computers for distro demos can probably be used as well for production (after all, to evaluate something, you gonna have to use it, damnit !).
  • for the permanent media center :
    • one video management station, for preparing content. It can be the same as the multimedia station if there is no ither choice, but the best is to have a dedicated computer. At worse we can use our laptops for video management (please trolls, raise hand if you bring a laptop that can fulfill such task).
  • big speakers, for the whole space. how many?
  • 2 projectors
  • 1 IP-Phone
  • 10 headset with mikes (for telefony experiments)
  • 10 webcam + mikes for covering the space with a webcam grid.
  • Some decent lighting can be welcome (2 or 3 500watts spots) because many things can happen at night
  • a quantity of mikes, one or 2 or 7, with good sound, ..
  • ..

we need a lot, unfinished

Permanent media center

We'll setup a media center with things necessary to broadcast from the trollparty, and to spread things produced on site by people practicing it (as well as by people mastering it). We can prepare a schedule with interviews, or direct-live sessions on specific topics. Contributions welcome.

Recursivity loop

One topic that comes obviously about bringing content is the event in itself. We could cover the trollparty with media content, explain the principle and the objectives, how it is made and how you can make it at home.

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