Network Operation Center and Local Area Network

That first workshop is needed for all the others : it's the local network, the computers, the wireless connectivity, and, above all, the central server, that we'll name the NOC (Network Operation Center).

The setup should occur the 2 days before the event, the 22th and 23th January, and involves mainly installation of computers for specific uses in any other workshop, setup of the Network Operation Center and configuration of the set of services, setup of the connectivity, wired and wireless from different locations, maintenance and update of the central information system for easy referencing during the trollparty.

The NOC is prepared before on a hard drive with a GNU/Linux Debian operating system (etch version) with a basic set of configured services : dns, dhcp, firewall, apache, mysql, asterisk, ... As well, a data space is reserved to store audio and video content that can be used during the event, for the media center and as footage for the trollfiestas.

Time schedule
4th - 21th : preparation and remote loading
22th - 23th : setup and preparation
29th : packing and inventory

Who works on it ?
  • ~r1 : network and system administration
  • ~mose : system administration and web coding
  • ~nicod : system administration
  • ~iokese : wifi networks and sysadmin
  • ~dankajh : sysadmin, web coding and other tuning


r1 bought a 250 G drive (maxtor 7200t) and mose borrowed his dell dimension 8100 with some cards inside so he can put it on his adsl fast line.

The setup is under progess and is reported here. Temporary name for that machine is (and later :

For now the setup is managed by r1, mose and nicod. If you want to get an account on this machine, to upload some Free content (Linux, FreeBSD, ISOs, Free Musics/Videos...), don't hesitate to ask.


Ideally, the NOC has be to be connected to a separate ethernet segment, with a dedicated Internet gateway. If it's not possible we'll trick :)

Any dhcp client connected to the Troll's LAN will receive an IP from The NOC has to be the single dhcp server on the Ethernet LAN, so it don't collide with others equipments and make live easy :)

  • THE NOC (debian unstable) - -
    • (iptables/NAT + tc tricks)
    • (primary dns for tp.lan and dns cache)
    • (apache2 php5 and mysql-4.1)
    • (see below)
    • (proxy : port 3128)
    • (NTP server)
    • (mount -t nfs noc:/data /mnt/noc)
    • (mrtg/cacti)
    • (optional gateway for outgoing mails) (TODO)
    • (export /data) (TODO)
    • (TODO)
    • (we have a zaptel interface) (WHYNOT )?)

  • Xeon - -

  • :>
    • please fill in

  • Trolls computers :>

  • :>

Preserve bandwidth and share ! :)

  • ISOs
    • debian
      • debian-31r1a-i386-businesscard.iso
      • debian-31r1a-i386-netinst.iso
      • debian-31r1a-powerpc-businesscard.iso
      • debian-31r1a-powerpc-netinst.iso
    • ubuntu
      • ubuntu-5.10-install-amd64.iso
      • ubuntu-5.10-install-i386.iso
      • ubuntu-5.10-install-powerpc.iso
      • ubuntu-5.10-live-amd64.iso
      • ubuntu-5.10-live-i386.iso
      • ubuntu-5.10-live-powerpc.iso
      • ubuntu-server-5.10-install-amd64.iso
      • ubuntu-server-5.10-install-i386.iso
      • ubuntu-server-5.10-install-powerpc.iso
    • edubuntu
      • edubuntu-5.10-install-amd64.iso
      • edubuntu-5.10-install-i386.iso
    • kubuntu
      • kubuntu-5.10-install-amd64.iso
      • kubuntu-5.10-install-i386.iso
      • kubuntu-5.10-install-powerpc.iso
      • kubuntu-5.10-live-amd64.iso
      • kubuntu-5.10-live-i386.iso
    • gentoo
      • install-amd64-minimal-2005.1-r1.iso
      • install-amd64-universal-2005.1-r1.iso
      • install-x86-minimal-2005.1-r1.iso
      • install-x86-universal-2005.1-r1.iso
    • others
      • piksel-1.01.iso
      • livesupport (free and open radio management software) :ls-knx-1.0.2-2005-12-07.iso
      • dynebolic : dynebolic-1.4.1.iso
      • Musix (debian based musician's distro)
      • (more? add here)

  • Kernels
    • linux-2.4.32.tar.bz2
    • linux-
    • linux-2.6.15.tar.gz

  • Musics, Images (Please only Creative commons or assimilates only !)