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ATTENTION : unfinished program. no finito programa.

Programa detales

Every morning open discussions are organized around different initiatives around the world. A presentation of 20 minutes is followed by a discussion beetween participants. Those are not conferences, but Discussions, and everybody can participate.
- Cultura Digital in Brazil is presented by Luis Fagundes and is an initiative to spread Free Software and Open Knowledge in Brazil
- Wiki and Online Collaborating, a participative way to share knowledge and information.
- Tools for Open Cooperatives : Presented by Josef Coates-Davies, the is an initiative from british activists for open.
- Free Software in Venezuela : Presented by José Parrella, this discussion will present the local Venezolan groups and initiatives with Free Software in the public life.
- Hacklabs in Spain : presented by Daniel Vasquez, hacklabs are local initiatives to spread technology knowledge in a collaborative way, a little like in Trollparties.
- Open discussion : The topic of that discussion will be chosen depending the interest of former discussion.

Permanent Install Party
An open space is available for people to get assistance in the initial install of a Free Sowftare environment on personal computers. Bring your machine, only the central unit (we have screens, keyboard and mouses) and you'll find helpful technicians from Free Software User Groups and other users.

Daily TrollFiesta
From 25th to 28th each evening will be the occasion to practice use of Free Software for festive event with big sound and crazy beamed video, music production and live broadcasting. From 20h to 0h.

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