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Trollparty in Caracas ?

It took place in Caracas (Venezuela) during the World Social Forum from 24th to 29th january 2006.

While preparing the Event and the NOC at SAPI?, the TrollTent was built. In the meantime, some courageous trolls were fighting with GRPS at the hotel.

More informations about the Foro

About Trollparties

Video Stream

CaracasStream in live sometimes on
in the while, listen to Audio Stream on

to Participate

  • see Pierfilippo drawing for Caracas 2006 Trollparty (please Pierre if you could remove the french flag). You can also have a look to his blog.

  • feed this website
    • provide information about spanish-spoken ressources on Free Software tools and social networks
    • translate pages in english, spanish or french
    • propose ideas, workshops, online or on-site activities

Other focuses

Following the new policentric model for World Social Forum, other related events are happening in paralel

  • MiMiCa at Sao Paulo, Brazil: a media democratization and free knowledge laboratory
  • MatuTai at Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

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