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A trollparty is a special format for an event that was already practiced three times by a group of french people (Rochefort 2002, Autrans 2003 and Joelster 2004). The main idea is to open a transversal area of practice and exchange around new information technology, impact in usages of Free Software and spreading of its philosophy. The way to reach that goal is to setup open workshops where professionals from different but linked worlds share their knowledge between each others and more widely to anyone that visit the event.

The Trollparty in Caracas is invited by the SAPI for animation of a space during the World Social Forum from 24th to 29th January. The main goals of that operation are to promote Free Software in some specific fields (see workshops) as well as demonstrate the way information is shared in a collaborative paradigm as opposed to a competitive one.

See also, on the SAPI wiki :

Five linked workshops will get focus during those 5 days, with different time patterns, activities, and involved people.

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