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A large group decision-making technique
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Advanced dotmocracy is an equal opportunity facilitation process for generating and prioritizing proposals amongst a large number of people. Following a clear set of instructions, and using refined print materials, the advanced dotmocracy process has been proven to:
  • Recognize priorities and direction from rank-and-file members
  • Engage and empower a diverse membership
  • Give a voice to even the quietest of members
  • Recognize and celebrate shared values
  • Focus on solutions while avoiding traditional power dynamics
  • Provide fully documented results that can be easily translated into action plans
  • Garner friendly discussions while efficiently leading to practical conclusions
The process is fun and takes only minutes to learn and apply.

Basic Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Present an issue with questions.

Publish a preamble of information and solution requirements. Post the questions to be answered on the dotmocracy wall.

2. Discuss potential solutions.

In pairs and then small groups, brainstorm and deliberate potential answers. Collectively and independently draft proposal statements.

3. Post proposals.

Clearly print each proposal statement on its own proposal sheets?. Post sheets on the wall in a single line evenly spaced out.

4. Stick dots to grade. Post comments.

Read proposals, post comment notes below and use one dot sticker per sheet to grade your level of approval A-F. Dot the “?” for confusing or unclear proposals. Post new proposals as patterns emerge and ideas develop.

5. Formulate a common solution.

Publish the dotting results. Discuss and formulate a solution that selects, combines, prioritizes, and/or finds compromise between popular proposals with minimal objection.

The process can be conducted quickly within meetings and over time in a common space outside of meetings. Complex and long-term issues should be addressed through multiple iterations of the process over a period of weeks. Use an experienced facilitator whenever possible

It Really Works!

The advanced dotmocracy process has been used by large co-operative organizations and community consultations to arrive at clear and useful prioritized proposals in a very short period of time. Quieter participants with great ideas get to fully contribute. Issues of conflict are recognized without any loud debating. Deliberation and reformulation of ideas happens organically in distributed discussion groups.

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