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Install Fiesta

That space widely open will be managed in collaboration with local LUGS (Velug1, GNUve, and others). The principle is to invite people to come to the Trollparty space and get a friendly assistance to migrate under a Free Software environment.

Time schedule
The install activity is better organized if having given hours, and will begin at 10 in the morning to end when there is nobody left (and some days, depending activity, can last until the end of the night). The activity will start the 24th until 28th, the last day will be dedicated to produce documentations, sort media, prepare reports, and clean all the mess.

Who works on it ?
  • ~jose? : link with Free Software User Groups and general organization
  • ~di3 : technical assistance and support (part-time)
  • ~djamel? : technical assistance and support
  • ~jdaviescoates : user assistance and system installs
  • ~acracia : user support and system installs

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Upcoming events
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