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Video postproduction

derushing dvtom

2005-02-19 : watching session
Capture by firewire interface with
dvgrab -i --format dv2 --autosplit tape2.
(french readers : )

  • tape 'misc'
    • filmed in paris, in tomtom office, some computers images

  • tape '19/01' :
    • thu 19/01
    • in plane, trolls
    • from plane scenics
    • meeting jason
    • get in bus
    • bus travel, inside encoutering
    • bus travel, scenics (countryside)
    • sat 21/01
    • visit at perl meeting
    • trolls at coffee meachine
    • bureado introducing perl presentation
    • talking about perl stuff
    • venezolan trolls talking about software libre, eseit, install festival... (interview mode)
    • caracas scenics (central buildings, street, wallpaintings)
    • hotel room trolls hacking on beds, looking foor wifi
    • r1 sleeping, and view out of hotel

  • tape 'Day 2' :
    • sun 22/01 (?)
    • trolls invading SAPI
    • jason wants boards
    • trolls hacking in sapi, preparing actively
    • troll drawing, and totem
    • trolls hacinking again, hard and soft
    • sandra plays guitar and sings
    • djam draws trollparty graffiti
    • apt-get upgrade on the noc
    • edu talking with tati
    • speech camion libre djam
    • programa design mose
    • evening all trolls at arepa restaurant, lotta talking
    • mon 23/01
    • people marching in street from above
    • tent, first visit, installing
    • outside view of tent, night
    • trolls working in tent
    • first projections on tent roof
    • caracas by night from hotel room
    • wed 25/01
    • tent, first talk
    • crowd after talk, people mess

  • tape 'Day 4' :
    • thu 26/01
    • tv interview outside on table under tent
    • trollitas and djamel TV talk show
    • tent from outside during speech luis
    • marc public talk
    • diego debian install
    • marc and luis talk about free software and network effect
    • tv interview outside again
    • outside, crowd, policemen
    • fri 27/01
    • someone talks in public during talk
    • various trolls hacking
    • sandra talks about sapi to public
    • iokese talks to public about software libre
    • someone asks a question in public
    • iokese answers, then camera on public
    • green case offered to acracia
    • pan to crowd and cameraman
    • sandra gives chavez tshirt to djamel
    • watching djamel tv show on mose computer
    • gerard goes
    • crowd after talk
    • outside tent, plaza view around
    • zoom out on houses (twice)
    • zoomed view on vertical housing on hillside
    • view on building in front of tom hotel room
    • sun 29/01
    • doves in rain
    • shellley speaking to phone, view outside of hotel
    • shelley in room speaking to phone
    • view moulin rouge from hilton room window
    • mon 30/01
    • sky and birds and buildings
    • street view with cars passing
    • from car street scenics
    • car gets out of caracas (takes a while)


Capture is done on mose external drive, there is 16Gb of dv files.
Useful commands :
for generating a thumbnail
for i in `ls --color=no *.avi`; do
  transcode -a 0 -c 1 -x mplayer -i $i -y jpg -Z 320x180 -o $i

for generating a small-sized mpeg collection
for i in `ls --color=no *.avi`; do
  transcode --encode_fields t -Z 370x240 -i $i -y ffmpeg -F mpeg4 -o sml_$i -x mplayer,mplayer

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