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Free software in Venezuela

    Esta Distribución ya en desarrollo estará ligada directamente a la cultura venezolana y de esta forma abordamos todos los temas y necesidades de nuestros usuarios así como a la Educación básica de la nación, donde nos planteamos como meta enseñar a nuestros pequeños jóvenes el uso y desarrollo del software LIBRE, para que de esta forma amplíen sus conocimiento y no limitarlos al uso de los software propietarios que los hace dependientes y les cierra las posibilidades de conocer otras herramientas de trabajos.

    Musix GNU+Linux es el resultado del trabajo colaborativo de toda una comunidad de usuarios y programadores. Es un Sistema Operativo 100% Libre destinado a músicos y usuarios en general, es una enorme colección de programas libres.

    Seems to be a very activist LUG in venezuela wich main aim is to "spread Linux over Venezuela"
    Cabudare, Estado Lara Venezuela



    30 of the Caracas hotspots listed on jiwire web site are managed by this company. It seemed to be free during theirs two years test period, but it seems that this period is finishing. (I don't well understand spanish).

Political information

    Venezuelan alternative news and opinions from grassroot groups, unions, street reporters, independent columnists and government sources.

    very interesting article from a guy that spent one week in venesuela in oct 2005 and talked with officials about the new democracy system goals in Venezuela.
    "the decision-making core of the new Venezuelan polity." Chavez and this ministry hoped to have, they said, "3,000 local assemblies in place by the new year." Their goal was to have "enough in place, throughout the country, in 4 or 5 years, to account for 26 million Venezuelans."

in french

Democracy links

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About Linux Venezuela
on: Wed 30 Nov 2005 [10:53 UTC] score: 0.00
Distribution GNU/LINUX VENEZUELA 1.0:
I've been looking for info for this distro. Could not find much. I've sent a mail to the developer, but I don't have much hope for a production version in one month. It would be great but v1.0 is announced while no download links are provided.
... to be continued...

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