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Participative Systems

We could have call it Democracy workshop, but our goal is wider than that. The technologies of the information are opening a new range of possible interaction beetween people, impacting their way to organize and to take decision in groups. Without forgetting the digital gap that makes everyone not equal in front of the information age (more than half of the planet never saw a computer), we hope that new decision making systems should be explored and used in community life.

The purpose of this workshop is then to explore several ways to participate in a debate and to reach a group decision.

Dotmocracy Sessions

This Dotmocracy system is designed by Jason Diceman, and tested several time with real groups with a very positive impact in the time taken to reach decision in regard of number of participants. Jason will setup several sessions, depending the number of interested people. One new session is possible per set of 12+ people and last around one hour.
We'll have to setup a registration system on site rather than online, as we'll grab people on the fly sometimes. Who is voluntary to be the translator in live sessions ? Or maybe someone can be trained during the heat-up to conduct those sessions without the weight of the translation ?

Decision making tools

We'll need to setup some free software tools on the Network Operation Center (NOC) for public demonstration and explaination.
  • Tikiwiki : review of the multiple rating and voting systems
  • ...


What other topics do we develop here ?

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about e-governance in zambia
on: Tue 27 Dec 2005 [09:21 UTC] score: 0.00 says : "Once harnessed properly, e-governance can help in de-bureaucratisation and simplification of government processes and procedures."

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