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I'm using this page to take notes only.
Relevant info will then be copied to correspondent pages

On heating:
Docs, environment conf files, talks must be assembled when heating
-Environment conf files help the new user experience providing a friendly system (program a friendly robot)
-Why use a term (it's easy to use a term!)
-Automate as much as possible
-Reading docs, communicate, consulting manuals, searching (learning process, culture and intuitive interfaces -how easy to use is a lighter?-)
-What happen to us when using tools? What for? Why? (today's tools)
-Choosing a friendly tool
-On the industries (what is an industry anyway?)

-Help people use it:
-First steps and possible ways then
-Provide ways to figure out solutions
-It's a doc repository!

-Consider different uses:
-For kids: easy login environment, games, pedagogical programs, easy and introductory docs, help to configure net access
-For science/maths: great tools and light environment
-For homes: multimedia apps, communication, graph
-For web: server stuff

GNU/Linux distributions

To ease installation, distributions might have:
  • Good Spanish language support:
System will be installed with spanish environment wherever possible

  • Live CD
Can be used for installation, when CD reader is present, it might also be useful to test compatibility, or when disks are too little

  • Adaptability:
Most systems (I could bet that 99,9% of them) will be x86 (from i486 up to Pentium IV)
For other procesors, Debian GNU/Linux portages can be used

It would be interesting to have a bunch of distributions at hand to choose depending on use.
We can think of customizing Debian, Knoppix or Gentoo in order to get a standard Spanish language distribution, but Venezuelian or Hispanoamerican distribution will help sustainable after-party, and community building and sharing

for this event i'm thinking on Ubuntu, Ututo and Debian (see Software Libre)

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