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Business CV

Computer skills

* Perl & Mod Perl - My native language
* Java
* Javascript
* Mysql
* Postgresql
* Linux
* Free Software researching

Human languages

* Portuguese - native
* English - fluent
* Spanish - good, write a bit

Free software

  • Morcego 3D graph browser ( Author
  • Tiki CMS/Groupware ( - Developer

Work experience

February 2005 - now: software developer at Cultura Digital (Digital Culture), that executes the Cultural Hotspots project, free culture project sponsored by Culture Ministery in Brazil.

October 2003 - January 2005: Freelancer and Free Software Developer
Other than RentACoder I develop virtual community portals, mainly with educational purposes, using TikiWiki. I'm part of TikiWiki's development team and my main project is a virtual community on health for Colombia's government.

January 2003 - September 2003: Escola do Futuro (
Back to Escola do Futuro (see below), an education & technology researching center at university. Now my work were focused on researching Free Software applications for educational purposes.

August 2002 - January 2003: Onbizz (site offline)
Joined this 12 people starting company as a developer. Unluckly, the business was not successful.

April 2002 - August 2002: Backpacker & Street Performer
Traveled around Europe. During this time I've done some card magic street shows in Barcelona.

July 2001 - March 2002: Sapo ( is the top free portal in Portugal. Lots of Perl, ModPerl and HTML::Mason here. I developed components and libraries to improve development and algorithm efficiency.

March 2001 - May 2001: (site offline) was one of the biggest free portals in Brazil. They had a Linux + Apache + ModPerl + HTML::Mason framework, made by the portuguese partner, in which everything was developed. I started as a developer and after a month I became the team leader, managing 4 people.

May 2000 - February 2001: Internet Group (
IG is the top free portal in Brazil, there I developed lots of sites using PHP, ModPerl, Perl (CGI), MySQL, JavaScript and DHTML. Two of the projects I developed were my ideas and in one of these I had direct participation in the marketing.

November 1999 - April 2000: Hypernet (
Hypernet (now Soluziona) is an interactive agency that received a great investment at that time. I developed business sites using Perl, PHP and MySQL. I also configured some of the webservers (Linux+Apache).

March 1998 - November 1999: Escola do Futuro (
Period of training at Escola do Futuro - University of Sao Paulo developing and maintaining sites for educational projects and administrating the web server (Linux+Apache) and the local NT network. PHP, Perl, Postgresql, HTML and Javascript.


1997 - 1999: Studied Mathematics Bachelor at University of Sao Paulo

2004 - now: Studying Pedagogy at University of Sao Paulo

What I do

  • work at Cultura Digital (see below). My role is coordinate the software development.

  • Tikiwiki developer

  • pedagogy student, recently have been researching educational uses of wiki.

  • Author of Morcego, 3d network browser

and some other cool stuff :-)

Trollparty + Cultura Digital

Here I put what's our vision of the trollparty, that's very similar to many "Encontro de Conhecimento Livre" (Free Knowledge Meeting) we've done.

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