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I'm nicod ;)

I like:
  • Coding from high (software architect) to low (kernel driver enhancing) level, I like C, C++, java, PHP, etc.
  • GNU Softwares
  • Linux administrating for original stuffs
  • Play with electronics diagrams and assembly (well, I don't have anymore the time, my knowledges become outdated)
  • Good knowledges of computer hardware
  • I love GPL, freedom.
  • I hate proprietary and patents (software and hardware)

Impassioned since I was child, of computer programming and electronics achievements, I've rapidely started to write programs, like small games, or a 6502 assembler for my personal use on my Apple II, and a lot of domotics stuff for my child room ;)
I then studied electronics at school, but my interest finally goes to computers, and free softwares.
Worked at "Universitée de Provence" (Marseille/France) for about 5 years, on developpement of an e-learning and knowledge cartographier application (foreva) including software architecturing, java developpement, object oriented database, etc. I installed some servers of the university (main mail server, main web server, and more) which are always up and running. I had set up some classroom of computers (about 70) with debian/linux and centralisation of account's environement via a server.
I'm always maintening theses services externaly with my now created company (Sengena SARL) which I'm the manager. Sengena is then a small services company specialised on free softwares.
I'm now working on a project of computer virtualisation.

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Page last modified on Saturday 24 December, 2005 [03:39:16 UTC] by nicod.

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